b. 2022


Brand Direction


Making home improvement more accessible with AI


Maintaining things around the house is wildly inconvenient. From seeking advice or braving the DIY process, to eventually giving up and trying to find a reputable (and affordable) professional.


Fixable is a market-network using machine learning and AI to connect, direct, and manage home projects. We connect homeowners with network-verified businesses while providing real-time geo-fenced status updates, digital transactions, and operational tools-- all to make the experience seamless. Fixable raised a pre-seed venture round (led by Reach Capital and HustleFund) in 2022.


Fixable provides digital tools, app and web-based, to streamline and improve project communication and completion. Fixable built proprietary DIY-AI™ for 24/7 instant advice, along with vendor chat with push notifications, digital autopay, a maintenance history portal, and AI-enabled routing & scheduling. The Fixable lifestyle is about becoming more capable and in control when it comes to your home. To better engage our community, we launched a Fixable merch line dedicated to housework.