Medly App




Design Direction

Managing medication from your phone


As one of the first pharmacy's with an app, Medly was determined to quickly scale its book of business to allow mobile refills, delivery scheduling, counseling, and overall treatment management while also developing a robust backend system to interface with health systems and insurance providers.


Medly's product solutions needed to carry customers from the beginning of the journey: sign up and transfering to Medly. From there features were released to support strict compliance requirements, while simplifying and prioritizing complex information for oftentimes non-digitally native users.


A refreshed homepage was developed with content to education and tools to simplify onboarding, funneling viewers into the webapp/native app where they establish a profile and transfer their prescriptions to Medly. From there users can manage refills, get notifications, talk to their providers, and switch/alter prescriptions. The corresponding provider portal gives medical professionals visibility into efficacy, and helps them better connect with patients.