Medly Identity




Brand Direction

A pharmacy with personality at every touchpoint


This digital health startup was created in 2017 as a freelance job. Two years and a Series A fundraising round later, I rejoined Medly as Head of Brand and executive creative to scale the offering, inject personality, and build a 360 experience for this ecomm startup focused on app-based delivery of prescriptions and OTC goods across the US.


Medly needed to break out of the sterile and intimidating pharmacy connotation, and blossom into a brand that stands for transparency, approachability, diversity, and convenience-- while building consistency, scalability, and innovation into every aspect of the customer experience.


At the cornerstone is the Medly brand guide, a living document with an exhausting set of icons, colors, illustrations, use cases, and almost anything a designer needs to create assets aligned with the vision. From that came all kinds of content and animation, apparel and uniforms, print materials, packaging, signage, et al. It's clear to see a strong central identity running through the brand, and it became a catalyst for the company to rally behind.