b. 2015


Design Direction

Technologies that make tires standout


A major focus at Michelin has been how to continue building brand distinction on-road. As a brand whose main product spins, it can be difficult to rely on simple branding elements to stand out from a continuously competitive market.


Through strategic partnerships with OEMs and race teams, Michelin developed several new technologies to improve the brand distinction and premium nature of its products. The goal here was to create offerings that would be seen in high-profile sporting occasions, build buzz, and release to the public.


Patented sidewall and tread innovations, namely the Michelin Premium Touch "velour" material innovation. This manufacturing process creates an exponetial surface area improvement (e.g. going from low res to hi res pixels), giving designers the ability to create gradients, fine linework, and even imagery on the sidewall's unmistakable rich black and ultrapremium velour feel to the touch. The process also improves legibility by almost 20ft, meaning Michelin is truly the standout.