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Normalizing pelvic floor health to make room for pleasure

Normalizing pelvic floor health to make room for pleasure


This women-owned health startup had an innovative sexual health product with clinical testing, but needed to develop and brand and product experience to resonate with their customers, and the provider network at large. We wanted to make something feminine and sexy, but trusted and approachable— and avoid category cliches!


It can be intimidating to introduce "helpers" in the bedroom, but when over 75% of women experience pain during sex, it's time to have a conversation. The goal was to develop a brand name, identity and creative vision, and a packaging experience that felt welcoming, non-threatening (for men), and also had a gift-like premium nature.


Cush by Revelle uses Jellife cushioning technology to help women get over the pain and finally enjoy sex again. Developed by Dr. Julie Fryman, an OBGYN, Cush acts like a spacer, lowering pain in the pelvic floor experienced during sex. The Cush brand was developed to be modern, and premium— with branding and palette that is neither cliche nor sterile. Packaging showcases the female founders, their personal stories, and a subtle intentionality in size and shape. The soft touch, embossed packaging slides open in a way that mimics and nightstand drawer, all with intent to live out in the open.