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Lifting the stigma with a
premium cannabis experience

Lifting the stigma with a premium cannabis experience


The global cannabis market is growing, and in Canada, a coveted lot of newly-legal retail licenses were awarded to a select few brands that could convey that they were safe, trustworthy, and providing an exceptional experience. We were tasked with creating a brand with the company’s founders, building a creative strategy and retail experience to remove apprehension and de-stigmatize the category.


Removing stereotypes is important for any brand in a new category, or one with a polarizing offering. For Canadians, there is a curiosity regarding cannabis’ uses beyond recreation. We aimed to create a premium brand offering with luxurious concierge service experiences, in a retail setting that focused on education and coaching.


Brand and experience elements were co-created through several workshops that brought in customers, client founders, and industry influencers. We designed a 360-degree solution that considered everything from the neighborhood selection, store design, staffing scripts and product presentation. Within the retail experience, expert cannabis sherpas guide curious customers in a cozy yet healthcare-esque setting— with visual samples of products, equipped with expectations and sourcing info, an in-store exhibit of historical cannabis-related artifacts, and staff that break stereotypes.