Chobani Flip

Chobani Flip



b. 2011


Innovation Strategy

Moving yogurt beyond breakfast

Moving yogurt beyond breakfast


At the time, the Greek yogurt category was still young, and the yogurt market couldn't break out of its breakfast food connotation in America.


The Innovation group at Chobani was on a mission to show people how versatile greek is, and to capture a massive share by appealing to snackers. One way do so, we discovered, was to add crunch, which delivers and a bit more substance than the traditional cup of yogurt.


Flip went from Post-It note to 250k pallets on a truck in 8 weeks! Flip's first two flavors (Coco Loco, and Key Lime) brought the familiar comfort that all snacks need by deconstructing comfort foods with better, whole ingredients. 3 years after going to market, Chobani Flip became a billion-dollar extension for the brand, winning countless awards, while continuing to dominate.