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Bringing clinical-grade skincare into the home for the first time

Bringing clinical-grade skincare into the home for the first time


Traditionally, cosmetic laser treatments are only accessible in a clinician’s office and require a professional provider-- an experience that is costly, and inconvenient to schedule and attend with regularity. This is why many women find it difficult to stick with the treatments long enough to see real results.


Iluminage, a Unilever brand, envisioned a handheld laser that is easy to use in a safe and effective manner for treating facial lines and wrinkles. The team was composed of over 10 mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as industrial and digital designers to launch the world's first FDA-approved laser skincare device for home use


In order to feel confident in the laser’s effectiveness, people didn’t want a device so technical that it was intimidating. Balancing credibility and ease-of-use in the laser’s design proved critical to ensuring its adoption. People abandon routines that don't stay top-of-mind, so we designed an elegant form that users would deem countertop-worthy instead of being shoved in the bathroom “drawer of death.” The device's digital interface has a clever dead-face screen, which downsizes electronics for better ergonomics, and also adds an elegant mechanism for clear feedback during use. The laser has the ability to connect to a progress portal to see data and track their skin’s improvement, and engage with a community of users.