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Medly Pharmacy




Design Direction

A digital pharmacy means local, everywhere

A digital pharmacy means local, everywhere


What does retail look like for a health-tech company? Pharmacies are legally required to hold inventory on-premise, so Medly needed a solution that met compliance requirements, but needed to depart from the traditional pharmacy connotation. E-commerce and “anywhere retail” means customers are visiting stores for less utilitarian and more experiential and social needs.


Define a scalable retail strategy (for nationwide expansion) that leverages technology to enable quick and direct service, multiple customer experience modes, and becomes a social hub for learning and connecting. Design for visitors' priorities and desires to shift based on mindset.


The Pharmacy-in-a-box concept leverages a premium in-store feel, minimizing front-of-house inventory, and digital point of purchase, to build flexible footprints that focus on experience. One that blends the automated with the familiar, and convenience with care, to become a social hub for health, tailored to the community.