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Fearless skincare for aging on your own terms

Fearless skincare for aging on your own terms


Getting men to adopt a skincare rountine of their own comes with challenges, and brands today aren't making products that speak to the needs of modern males. Shelter is a low-frills, premium skincare subscription that offers exciting and familiar ingredient mashups to double-down on results for the on-the-go, beach-to-boardroom lifestyle of urban professionals.


Build a D2C skincare offering that allows for trial, travel, and trust. Rather than creating panic around aging, celebrate the adventure of aging, and become the product companion of wild hobbyists, weekend warriors, urban hikers, and the inbetweens. We provide the tools for staying prepared and protected, but insist you go out and play.


Cultivated in confidence, Shelter products bring preparation and premium the whole way. With natural ingredients like charchoal, eucalyptus, and palo santo, paired with collagen, retinol, SPF, and CBD, Shelter products are comfortable enough for everyday use in urban and lesser developed environments. The brand itself exudes depth, with the half-absorbed word mark and gooey icon set (nodding to product use), along with rich green and brown tones met with neon. Shelter packaging takes reference from outdoor gear, and even has a glowing lumen like a watch.