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Future Market




Concept Design

Envisioning the future of food, opensourced

Envisioning the future of food, opensourced


Current food politics, resource scarcity, and nonsustainable systems are creating challenges that we will need to address within the next decade. The Future Market looks deeply into global food trends, technologies, and threats to test the food of tomorrow, today.


In partnership with major industry partners like MIT Media Lab, Google, the Culinary Institute, and food producers, the future market creates scenario plans, concept food products, and experiences to inspire, educate, and help the food industry innovate better by thinking more ambitiously about tomorrow.


Over the course of several years, The Future Market produced several concept products and immersive experiences at tradeshows, popups, and themed events-- some products coming to life in small batch production. While the market's scope is broad, they have been years ahead in research and development in topics like: cellular agriculture, biome monitoring, crop blockchain, biodiversity, plant-based printing, cannabis, and indoor farming. See some snapshots of products below.